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Lanikai / 21-S TunaUke / Soprano Ukulele

Lanikai / 21-S TunaUke / Soprano Ukulele

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Lanikai’s TunaUke technology allows any uke player to intonate their ukulele through individual movable wedge saddles and a compensated nut specifically designed for each model size. This easy to use technology requires no tools and improves intonation all across the fretboard by over 90%!

The TunaUke saddle housing mounts directly to the top of the instrument which increases overall projection and a full spectrum of lows, mids and highs. We provide two sets of saddles (low and high) to allow you to adjust your string height to its most comfortable level.

The newly designed 8 hole bridge allows for quicker string changes, but can also be used in the traditional classical string tie.

Upgraded diecast tuning machines provide improved tuning stability.

And the compensated, wide-spaced 37mm TunaUke nut not only drastically improves intonation, but also mimics the tonal response of natural bone.



Soundboard: Mahogany

Back & Sides: Mahogany

Fingerboard: Rosewood


Scale Length: 13 5/8" (346mm)

Width at Nut: 1 15/32" (37mm)


Body Type: Soprano Ukulele

Strings: Aquila Nylgut



The sweet tone of the ukulele has been heard around the world – from the most prestigious stages to the most remote beaches, leaving a smile everywhere it goes! In the midst of all of that joy however, one problem has always remained – ukuleles have terrible intonation!

Play a simple chord and a ukulele sounds beautiful – but play something more advanced, play with other instruments, or move further up the neck and the problem becomes clear. If the ukulele was to claim and keep it’s place as a world class instrument, it’s intonation must be fixed!

Three years, and a fleet of mechanical engineers later, Lanikai Ukuleles presented the TunaUke! A revolutionary system that improves ukulele intonation by 90% and opens a new world of possibilities for writing, performing, and simply enjoying a more-musical ukulele than ever before!

Two principal features address the intonation issue on the Tuna-Ukes:

The first is the Compensated Nut. Between the four strings the differences in string width and tension are substantial. By compensating the distance between the first fret and the nut we are able to make open chords sound as smooth as silk.

The second is the Movable Saddle: Traditional straight saddles on a ukulele or any other fretted instrument are detrimental to good intonation. With nylon strings even “compensated saddles” are a bit of a fallacy because nylon strings are by their nature, inconstant.

After much testing Lanikai found the only way to improve on this is to create movable saddle technology to allow the player to adjust the amount of compensation for each string. No tools are required and adjusting the intonation is simple and easy. And finally, you can play open chords in tune all the way up the neck.

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